Green Logistics

Think long-term, act sustainably

Let’s not fool ourselves: The logistics industry relies on diesel-powered trucks, which has a significant environmental impact. For our team, however, the focus is on making the logistics industry greener. To offset the impact on the climate, we offer you as a customer the opportunity to compensate for the CO2 emitted via a partner project.

We already rely on optimal transport planning to avoid empty runs and achieve maximum capacity utilization. With our extensive route network, we can plan routes efficiently. We are also investing in vehicle optimization to reduce fuel consumption. Initial tests with electromobility have already taken place. If something breaks down, our focus is on repairing the part in question instead of throwing it away. We also carry out regular eco-evaluations and offer employee training on the topic of sustainability.

Our goal is to actively align the logistics industry towards a green and sustainable future. Join us in our quest to reduce environmental impact and provide a sustainable logistics solution.

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